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BOILO Boards

Boilo Boards BWP

BOILO Boards

About BOILO:

For the 1st Time in Panel Industry across the globe Action TESA has introduced a unique product BOILO- BWP HDF BOARD "BOILING WATER PROOF HDF BOARD". Due to inherent properties of BWP, HDF & Thermal Resistance this product is highly suitable in interior applications having wet conditions, high load bearing surfaces, high traffic & high temperature areas.


  1. Restroom Toilet Cubicle
  2. Load Bearing Area - Decking / Warehouse Shelves/ Staircases
  3. Truck/ Container Floor
  4. Bus Body Floor
  5. Wall Panelling
  6. Furniture
  7. Fixtures
  8. Moist Area Furniture
  9. Stage Flooring
  10. Sports Flooring
  11. Fly Ash Brick Making


  1. Boiling Water Proof Board
  2. Termite & Borer Proof
  3. Fire Retardant
  4. High Impact Resistance
  5. High Load Bearing
  6. High Dimensional Stability
  7. Toughened Surface
  8. Fungus Resistance
  9. Environment Friendly
  10. High Density

GradeThicknessSizeLamination Type
Exterior8.00 MM1220MMX2440MMOSL/BSL/OSR/BSB
Exterior12.00 MM1220MMX2440MMOSL/BSL/ORD/OSR
Exterior12.00 MM1830MMX2440MMOSL/BSL/ORD/OSR
Exterior16.00 MM1220MMX2440MMOSL/BSL/ORD/OSR
Exterior18.00 MM1220MMX2440MMOSL/BSL/ORD/OSR

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