HDF Laminate Flooring ( Wooden Floor )

HDF Laminate Flooring ( Wooden Floor )

Laminate Flooring is a floating glue less click locked & sealed flooring similar to a jigsaw puzzle. In this method, the individual planks are locked on to each other by means of clicking together, but do not attach to the sub-floor on which it is being installed. Laminated Flooring is generally a HDF based tongue and groove interlocking flooring system that rest on top of the existing substrate like ~ concrete slab, hard wood flooring or virtually any other flat hard surface that is suitable for installation..

Laminate Flooring is popular due to its ease of installation & its simple maintenance, easy cleaning methods, resistance to stains & a very durable surface due to the "WEAR RESISTANT LAYER".

The Construction of Laminate Flooring Has Essentially Four Layers :

  • 1. A wear resistant SURFACE LAYER ? Consisting of a Aluminum Oxide coated tissue to make the flooring surface resistant to impact, scratches, burns & stains. (THIS LAYER DEFINES THE LIFE OF LAMINATE FLOORING)
  • 2. A Printed Decorative paper layer which gives the decor of wood grain or patterns.)
  • 3. The Core ? Comprising of HDF 8mm & 12mm)
  • 4. The balancing paper that lends balance to the construction preventing warpage.

TESA Flooring Range

ESSENZA (8mm AC-3)

The Essenza Range of Flooring is a specially designed flooring solution most versatile for domestic application & will standup to consistent daily foot traffic ? Ideal for Bed Room/Family Room/Drawing Room/Hotel Rooms. It is classified as AC3..

Sizes Available 193mm(W) x 1214mm(L)

Our AC3 flooring range passes 2000 RC Abrasion Test as per EN 13329


The Endura Range of Flooring is a perfect choice for busy areas like boutiques /cafes /shops/ showrooms/offices.

Sizes Available 193mm(W) x 1214mm(L)

Our AC4 flooring range passes 4000 RC Abrasion Test as per EN 13329

ARGENTUM (12mm AC-3)

The Argentum range of flooring is exquisitely crafted flooring solution which is suitable not only for medium to heavy foot fall areas but also an excellent options for homes where high strength and durability is needed. It is classified as AC 3 and available in 12mm.

Sizes Available 193mm (W) x 1214mm(L) & 126mm (W) x 808 (L)

Our AC3 flooring range passes 2000 RC Abrasion Test as per EN 13329


A floor with Herringbone pattern gives your floor a distinct look. Action laminate flooring specializes in Herringbone flooring enabling you to select your own surface, width, length and colours giving your home an authentic look. Herringbone floor have rich history as a traditional floor pattern. It can be installed in several configurations. Each plank has a tongue and groove locking system .

Sizes Available 99mm(W) x 600mm(L)
Texture DD
Colors Shade Available 61, 69, 70, 75, 81, 82, 86, 89, 90 & 92 .


Handscraped laminate flooring ? Handscraped finish is unique because it shows Handscraped look on it. Product is liked by the people due to its rustic surface and the texture becomes deeper and richer. It appears imperfect in look but it has perfect style and elegance in addition to it. The warm tone brings in certain comfort and calmness we will like . Each floor has an aged look with inherent flaws that gives it its complete uniqueness. This is truly a beautiful choice which will always delight

Sizes Available 193mm(W) x 1214mm(L)
Colors Available in All 12mm - AC4 Shades
Edges V-Grove

KING SIZE SERIES (8 ft Long Laminaated Flooring)

Available in 237mm(W) x 2450mm(L) tile size Thickness available in 8mm & 12 mm Variants of AC4 Can be made available in all existing shades Excellent flooring option for large areas like auditoriums, lounges of airports, hotels banquets etc. Longer plank size gives look of real wood Colors ? All 8mm & 12mm flooring shades are available in king size range


LAMINATE FLOORING Elite HDF Synchronized flooring from Action Tesa is having very unique feature. Embossed texture is registered with decor paper pattern. The texture of press plates is synchronized with docor paper pattern. Unlike other laminate flooring surfaces it matches the texture of the docor paper underlying pattern rather than just applying a generic wood grain texture . Synchronized laminate flooring is therefore an ideal choice for those who want their floor to look as close to real wood as possible.

Sizes Available 195mm(W) x 1216mm(L) 8mm & 12mm (AC4)
Colors Dark Veins - 550, Bella Wood - 551, White Marbau - 552 & Harbor Maple - 553
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