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Pre Laminated and Plain Particle Board

Prelaminated Particle Board Application

Pre Laminated and Plain Particle Board

Action Tesa first time in country has introduced European Quality Particle/Chip boards which is being manufactured by DOME Technology. The German "Classic Form Chip Grading" system ensures precise grading of the wood chips in the Particle Board ensuring a balanced core-to-surface chip size gradation. This results in perfect homogeneity hence a balanced & strong panel with very good screw holding capacity.

Drying system for wood chips has been imported from MEC USA to give even moisture distribution in board resulting in structure stability of product. Inhouse glue is being manufactured for all products to make sure that all product must have reliable and stable quality in every lot.

Types of Particle boards :
1) Plain Particle board
2) Pre-Laminated Particle board

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